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Autumn Old Fashion

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Looking for a new kind of cocktail? Each handmade packet contains one pouch filled with dehydrated fruits, veggies, spices and herbs to infuse your alcohol. The kit infuses enough for 8-10 cocktails...there is a flavor for everyone! One of the original InBooze flavors has a new twist! The Autumn Old Fashioned tastes just like your go-to drink at the bar, but with a fall kick. Cranberries, cinnamon, pears and more are sure to make this your next go-to for your home bar. This pairs well with bourbon, whiskey or brandy. Ingredients: Dehydrated pear, dehydrated apple, dehydrated cranberries, cinnamon stick, granulated maple powder and a bitters infused sugar cube Each kit is good for 2 years from production, which is stamped on the back of the packet. Once infused, you have 6 months to enjoy. Made in United States of America